Tuesday, January 9, 2018

FAQs about price, shipping and payment

  • price of Hondash interface is 39.99 EUR

  • shipping to all countries worldwide is 6.49 EUR, a tracking number is send via email after posting the package.

  • total price is 39.99 + 6.49 = 46.48 EUR

  • purchase can be make on the e-shop page using the PayPal button "Buy now

  • residents in EU can pay via PayPal or bank wire (SEPA)

  • residents outside EU can pay only via PayPal, in this case the total price in EUR is automatically converted into buyer's currency at checkout (please use the PayPal's currency conversion tool to find out how much the total price is in your currency, if you need this information).
    Also please be advised that you may have to pay import taxes on top of the total price, depending on the destination country's customs policy. We post the package as a gift, so the package should clear the customs without any additional fees.

  • when paying via PayPal, please make sure the associated email and shipping address is valid, so we can contact you with further information and tracking number.

  • packages are posted once per week

  • shipping duration: EU countries 5-10 days, USA 10-14 days, other countries 14-35 days