Tuesday, November 8, 2016

App Introduction

At last the version for Android is here! The app is now even better and more user friendly than ever before, it's simply the most capable monitoring tool and virtual dash for all Honda cars. 

In combination with Hondash bluetooth interface it's able to do following things:

  • DTC (Diagnostic Troubleshooting Code) management,
  • datalogging,
  • dual shift-light (graphical and acoustic) with individual gear shift point configuration,
  • standard measurement of acceleration (0-100 kph, ... etc., 1/4 mile drag run),
  • configurable measurement of deceleration,
  • calculation of instantaneous and average fuel consumption, total consumed fuel, fuel flow, cost,  
  • fuel consumption calibration tool
  • speed calibration tool
  • configurable multiple trip monitors with statistics such as trip time, distance, VTEC engaged distance, top and average speed, etc.,
  • displaying of real time ECU data such as precise vehicle speed, engine revs, MAP pressure, engine load, throttle position, engine and intake temperature, short/long term fuel correction, ignition advance, injection duration, duty cycle, battery voltage, alternator FR, knock retard, ELD, intake air control valve, atmo pressure, O2 sensor voltage etc.,
  • displaying of real time data from discrete sensors such as brake switch, main pump relay, fan switch, VTEC switch, O2 heater, starter, etc.,
  • configurable on-screen graphs of data streams,
  • daytime or nighttime color scheme,
  • support for metric and imperial units.

There are still many, many awesome features planned for the app, so if you like Hondash, please support the development with your purchase, thanks!