Thursday, November 10, 2016

Car profile and important settings

When the app launches for the first time, it loads default car profile. First step you need to do is creating a custom car profile for your car.

  • Navigate to "Settings" → "Car" and tap "Car profile manager"

  • Select one of the predefined base profiles, type in custom profile name and tap the button with the icon "plus"
  • You can create as many car profiles as you wish

  • Navigate to previous preference screen and activate your created profile to enable parameter editing

  • If there's no predefined car profile for your vehicle, you have to edit all necessary parameters to match your car specs. All engine and gearbox parameters can be found in service manual or you can simply google it.

    The following parameters are the most important ones to get your custom car profile right:

    In engine preference screen, edit the rev limit, red line start, injector count to match your car specs. The Fuel correction factor can be determined automatically via Fuel consumption calibration procedure.

    Pay attention to the following parameters!

    • Injector flow rate - influences accuracy of fuel consumption calculations, define the exact injector size of your engine,
    • Fuel pressure values - same as above, however to find these parameters is not exactly an easy task, the only reliable source of information is the Honda service manual.

    Guide on how to find the Fuel pressure values in the service manual:

    • download Honda service manual for your car model (use google)
    • find the section "Fuel System Supply" → "Fuel Pressure", in this example it's 11-118/119
    • there will be a section describing a fuel pressure testing procedure similar to this excerpt:

    • you'll find two ranges for fuel pressure, one at low engine load (vacuum hose connected), and one at high engine load (vacuum hose disconnected). In this example using B18C5, it's 260-310kPa for min fuel pressure, and 320-370kPa for max fuel pressure.
    • because the range is very wide we need to take average values, in this instance it would be 285kPa (2850mBar) for min fuel pressure and 345kPa (3450mBar) for max fuel pressure

    In gearbox preference screen modify all gearbox parameters and wheel size accordingly. The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) correction factor can be determined via Speed calibration tool, available in App toolbox.

    On ECU preference screen, select the appropriate interpretation method for engine revs and ignition, only if you're getting strange readings, e.g. rev needle moving backwards.

    Profile export

    When you're done with your custom profile definition, you can submit it to developers so it can be added to the predefined base profile database.