Saturday, February 11, 2017

Aftermarket / Chipped ECU

Thanks to the growing Hondash user base and kind feedback we've slowly started to see an emerging pattern regarding the compatibility of Hondash with aftermarket or chipped ECU's. We've summarized some findings for you here.

Aftermarket ECU

  • Spoon ECU, we can confirm that Spoon ECU P73-0030-Z1 works with Hondash. No other Spoon ECU has been tested and confirmed yet.
  • J's Racing ECU and Feel's ECU (both P73) have also been tested and confirmed to work with Hondash.
  • Hondata ECU, which uses proprietary hardware, management software and communication protocol, is currently not compatible with Hondash.

Chipped ECU

  • In case of using chipped ECUs (P28, P30, etc.), the compatibility with Hondash depends on the used ROM editor:

  • CROME ROM editor has been confirmed to use Honda OEM communication protocol which makes maps created with it compatible with Hondash. For instance, it has been used to modify maps compatible with Hondash running on:
    • modded P75 with map based on P72 GSR base map 
    • chipped P28-G00 with map for JR compressor
    • chipped P28-G00 with map using launch control

    However a few requirements are needed in order to communicate with Hondash properly:
    • quick datalogging must be disabled in Crome
    • J12 jumper must be connected as depicted in either of the pictures below

  • ECTUNE ROM editor uses its own proprietary communication protocol and thus all maps created in this editor are not currently compatible with Hondash,

  • no other ROM editors have been tested yet (NEPTUNE, etc.) 


Hondash does work with some aftermarket or chipped ECUs.

If you want to be on the safe side you should consider using CROME editor to modify ECU maps.

For standalone ECU's (Hondata, etc.), that use proprietary ECU management software and communication protocol, a software update and as well as a hardware revision may be required to successfully connect and communicate with such ECU's.

At this point, it's solely customer's responsibility to make sure that the modified ECU software/map does use the Honda communication protocol for the DLC port communication.