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  1. This is such a little sophisticated device!
    I have been looking for years to read the ITR
    ECU but no luck since the ITR is OBD2A.
    This device does the trick! The software is
    extensive and the dashboard kan be adjusted to
    your preference. The to_do list promisses
    some nice features for the future and with
    the upcoming android app a tablet dashboard
    for mounting in the car comes within reach.
    I like it!!


  2. Best desigh ever for our Honda. Was the first mod i was looking for in 2013 and now it's reality . Thanks for your investigation in this project. Fit perfectly in my Type R black.

  3. This is awesome product and I really enjoy using it. Was wondering if it would be possible to get a reflect feature to make tablet a HUD.

  4. Love this, got it today and been playing around with it. Gives me all the details like mpg that ive always wanted to know about this car. One thing i think that would be good if it had a economy mode, where it will tell you to change gear for the best mpg.

    1. economy mode is already in the wish list, may come later eventually

  5. An add-on card for OBD1 ECU would also be good for cleaner installs in future.

  6. English:An ideal tool with precise information on our engine and our sensors in particular! Works on my 1997 Honda Prelude (H22a5-BB8-4WS) and my 2000 Prelude Honda (F20A4-BB9). I have tested a P75 ECU with a P72 Base Map. Works very well!
    The Toolbox is very useful!
    Thanks a Lot! That's great!

    Français:Un outil idéal avec des informations précises sur nos moteurs et nos capteurs en particulier! Fonctionne sur mon Prélude Honda 1997 (H22a5-BB8-4WS) et mon 2000 Prelude Honda (F20A4-BB9). J'ai testé un ECU P75 avec une cartographie sur base de P72. Fonctionne très bien! Le boite à outil est très utile!
    Merci beaucoup! C'est génial!

  7. I connected it to my 1996 Honda civic ek with a 2000 em1 B16a2 swap, today l took my out for a drive and it's fantastic. The Revs the gears all the graphs and more. Thnks l love it

  8. Great device and dash. It will be nice if system Total odometer initial value can be user set (to match car odometer).

    1. Tried to implement it, but I discarded the idea, because it would never stay in sync with your stock odometer, for too many reasons:
      1. Hondash app not always launched and running when driving,
      2. app speed and car speed not matching (not stock wheel size or gearbox, incorrect speed calibration in the app, etc.)
      3. honda odometer and app odometer distance measuring procedure is different

      The odometers would always desync after some distance, and user would have to keep syncing it manually, not a good idea.
      Therefore, the total odometer in the app will remain showing only the distance you tracked with the app., while it was running, since the app install or stats reset.

  9. best gadget for obd1 hondas, or obd2a three socket plug!!! what a great device. it took a little bit to set it up and figure it out but if i would have read through all the data it wouldn't have, who wants do do that lol. love the app! i tweeked my car setting and it is working very well. thanks so much for such a great product!

  10. Brilliant at dataloging ,and I'm very impressed with the whole system, it works great on my car ,with obd2a p2t ecu,
    Been able to monitor your O2 sensor and fuel trims and tps the list goes on , the developer deserves huge credit and you can see you loves what he does, could have easily charged double the amount for this device.

  11. Hondash was great help in diagnosing a problem that a mechanic couldn't figure out for almost two years. It's great for monitoring all kinds of parameters and keeping the car in optimal running condition, as it displays data that the car's gauges simply won't tell you. A must-have for anyone taking their Honda a bit more seriously.

  12. you can support this engine