Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fuel consumption calibration

  1. fill up the tank to maximum level, in order to get reference level, then open the fuel consumption calibration dialog in Toolbox and tap "Start calibration" (if the calibration is already running, cancel it and start it again)
  2. drive as usually, cover at least 100 km of distance, if you want to save fuel, but for better results just use all fuel until the low fuel indicator goes on
  3. fill up the tank again to maximum level (same gas station, same pump preferred)
  4. now, before you start the engine, open the fuel consumption calibration dialog, tap "Finish calibration" and enter the amount of fuel you've added in 3. step, then tap "Calibrate"
  • For most precise calibration results, please make sure you have the Hondash app always running during the calibration period while driving and also make sure you have not lowered queue level (App Settings → Parameters → Read frequency configuration) of engine speed (REVS), injection duration (INJ) and manifold absolute pressure (MAP) parameters, which the app uses to estimate the fuel flow. It may potentially lower calibration accuracy.