Thursday, May 4, 2023

How to check if Hondash will work with my ECU?

  1.   3 pin or 5 pin diagnostic connector (DLC)

    All Honda models produced in 1992 - 2001 (gasoline engines only) that use the 3 pin or the 5 pin diagnostic connector (DLC) are compatible with Hondash. If you can find either the 3 pin or the 5 pin diagnostic connector in your car, your ECU is compatible.
    Possible diagnostic connector locations

    hondash dlc connector 3 pin
    3 pin connector
    hondash dlc connector 5 pin
    5 pin connector
    Connector styleNumber of wires
    3 pin connector3 wires
    2 wires (requires an external power source)
    5 pin connector (requires 5 to 3 pin adapter)5 wires
    3 wires

    United States, Canada'92-'95 (OBD1 only)
    (Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia, Brazil, etc...)
    '92-'01 (OBD1/2A/2B)
    *some markets until '03

  2.   Immobilizer

    If the ECU was originally equipped with an immobilizer and it was modified or physically removed, etc., you may not be able to use Hondash (does not apply to ECUs that don't have an immobilizer from the factory).
    The only confirmed way to bypass the immobilizer whilst not breaking the diagnostic port functionality is by using Doctronic's Mobilizer A0 module.

  3.   Aftermarket / chipped / swapped ECU and other mods

    If you're using an aftermarket / remapped / chipped ECU etc., refer to the general compatibility guidelines, otherwise if you swapped ECU and/or wiring harness etc., follow the wiring guide and make sure your setup is compatible

Tested / Compatible ECU OBD table

This check is optional, only the above-mentioned steps are important and required to determine compatibility with Hondash. However you may check the table to see what ECU versions have already been tested by us. You may find your ECU listed here, if not, just make sure your ECU meets the criteria described in the above-mentioned steps.