Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tested / Compatible ECU OBD table

If you don't see your ECU in the table, it means we have not tested it yet, please ignore the table and follow the compatibility guidelines.

Color Legend

OBD0 - not compatible (no DLC connector available)
OBD1 - compatible (3 pin DLC connector should be available on most models), OBD2 A|B - compatible (on condition that the 3 pin or the 5 pin DLC connector is available, US/CA models use the standard 16 pin OBD2 port which is not compatible at the moment)
Confirmed compatibility with Hondash
Confirmed compatibility (requires 5 to 3 pin adapter to connect the Hondash scanner)
Not compatible (has 5 pin connector, but it does not have the communication wire, the wire is routed to a standard 16 pin OBD2 port, located somewhere else in the vehicle)
Not compatible (uses standard 16 pin OBD2 port or other reason stated)

OBD ID Market ECU Car/Engine
OBD2 A ?? USDM (Auto) P0J-L61 1997 Accord
OBD1 ?? JDM (Auto) P0A-902 1994-1995 Accord F22B
OBD1 A6 JDM P13-J00/J50 93-95 Prelude H22A
OBD2 B ?? EDM PDE-E01 Accord Type R H22A7
OBD1 A8 Oz DM P14-Q00 93-95 Prelude Si H23A
OBD1 A9 USDM P12-A00 Prelude S F22A
OBD2 K A61 Oz DM PLR-Q71 Civic
OBD1 B9 JDM P39-N50 92-96 Prelude F22B DOHC
OBD1 C0 Oz DM P14-Q00 93-95 Prelude Si H23A
OBD1 C2 USDM P13-A10/A11 92-95 H22A Prelude
OBD1 C8 USDM P14-A11 92-95 H23A Prelude
OBD1 D2 JDM PT6-J50 Accord
OBD1 D5 Oz DM P0A-Q00/Q50 94-95 Accord Ex
OBD1 D8 Oz DM P0C-Q00 Accord Exi F22B
OBD1 E4 Oz DM P14-Q52 93-95 Prelude Si H23A
OBD1 E6 JDM P13-N01 93-95 Prelude H22A
OBD1 F6 Oz DM P39-N01 92-95 Accord SOHC VTEC
OBD1 L3 Oz DM P0C-Q10 Accord Exi F22B
OBD1 S40 JDM P0F-902 Accord 95 CB5 H22a
OBD0 10 JDM PK2-0133 Prelude 90-91
OBD0 12 Oz DM PK2-6214 Prelude 88-89
OBD0 19 USDM PK2-6640 Prelude 88-89 Canadian
OBD0 21 JDM PH3-0732 Accord 88-89 B20A
OBD0 27 Oz DM PK2-6220 Prelude 90-91
OBD0 33 Oz DM PR4-Q51 88-89 Integra LS/GS B18a
OBD0 45 JDM PM7-E04 CRX 88-89
OBD0 50 JDM/EDM PM7-9040/0330 CRX Si 89-
OBD0 51 JDM PK2-? Prelude 90-91
OBD0 52 USDM PJ0-L022 88-89 Accord LX-i Cali Emissions
OBD0 53 USDM PK2-6660 Prelude 90-91
OBD0 54 Oz DM PR4-Q02 90-91 Integra LS/GS B18a
OBD0 ?? USDM PR4-A02 90 Integra LS B18a
OBD0 58 JDM PR3-901 89-91 B16A EF8/9
OBD0 59 JDM PR5-003 90-91 Integra ZXi (1.6 sohc)
OBD0 65 USDM/CDM PM6-A09/C00 CRX 90-91
OBD0 71 JDM PW0-000 CRX SiR 89-91
OBD0 76 EDM PW0-X00 CRX SiR 89-91
OBD0 76 EDM PW0-E00 CIVIC 89-91
OBD0 79 EDM Pm7-000 CRX 90-91
OBD1 83 Oz DM PT3-Q50 Accord
OBD0 92 Oz DM PR4-Q60 90-91 Integra LS/GS B18a
OBD0 93 JDM PR3-J00/900 89-91 B16A DA6
OBD1 97 Oz DM PT6-Q50 Accord
OBD2 B 111 USDM P73-A04 Integra Type R DC2 B18C5
OBD0 120 JDM PM7-Q020 CRX 88-89
OBD0 121 EDM PM7-E020 CRX 88-89
OBD1 202 JDM P29-900/000 Civic D16A ZC DOHC
OBD1 203 JDM P30-? Civic B16A DOHC Vtec
OBD1 204 JDM P54-900 Domani B18B DOHC
OBD1 205 JDM PR3-J01 92-93 Integra XSi B16A
OBD1 206 JDM P08-020 D15B SOHC Vtec
OBD1 208 EDM P28-G00/G50 Civic D16Z6 SOHC VTec
OBD1 209 EDM P30-G00 Civic B16A2 DOHC Vtec
OBD1 211 USDM P07-? Civic VX D15Z1 Sohc Vtec-E
OBD1 214 USDM P74-? Integra B18
OBD1 215 USDM P61-? Integra B17A DOHC Vtec
OBD0 216 USDM PM5-?/PM9-? D15B DPFI, Civic EG4
OBD1 218 JDM P07-G01 Civic SOHC Vtec-E 1500
OBD1 219 JDM PR3-J51 92-93 Integra XSi B16A
OBD1 223 JDM P27-T50 SOHC
OBD1 224 JDM P07-T50 SOHC Vtec-E
OBD1 224 EDM? P29-? DOHC D16A9
OBD1 225 JDM P07-? SOHC Vtec-E
OBD1 229 USDM P06-A52 Civic DX D15B SOHC
OBD0 230 USDM PM5-? Civic DX
OBD1 230 USDM P28-A00 D16Z6 SOHC
OBD1 231 USDM P05-? Civic CX D15B8 SOHC
OBD1 232 USDM P75-? Integra B18B GS DOHC
OBD1 233 USDM PR4-A61 92-93 USDM integra B18
OBD1 ??? USDM PR4-A11 Integra B18A GS DOHC
OBD1 235 Oz DM PR4-Q61 Integra B18A GS DOHC
OBD1 236 Brazil P30-G00 EG6 B16A2 DOHC Vtec
OBD1 237 JDM P08-001 D15B SOHC Vtec
OBD1 238 EDM P04-G00 D15B2 SOHC
OBD1 240 JDM P30-J00 Civic B16A DOHC Vtec
OBD1 243 JDM P08-010/911 D15B SOHC Vtec
OBD1 244 Oz DM P29-Q01 Civic D16A ZC DOHC
OBD1 245 JDM P30-010 Civic B16A DOHC Vtec
OBD1 246 JDM P30-901 ECU B16 DOHC Vtec
OBD1 248 USDM P09-A00 Civic DX D15B7 SOHC
OBD1 248 USDM P09-L00 Civic CX D15B8 SOHC
OBD1 248 USDM P05-L01 Civic CX D15B7 SOHC
OBD1 249 USDM P05-? Civic D16B7 SOHC
OBD1 251 USDM P28-A51/L51 92-95 Civic EX D16Z6 SOHC Vtec
OBD1 252 JDM P07-G01 Civic SOHC Vtec-E 1500
OBD1 253 JDM P91-900 Civic EJ1 Coupe D16Z SOHC Vtec
OBD1 254 EDM P28-G01/G51 Civic SOHC D16Z6 Vtec
OBD1 259 JDM P70-900 ZC Vtec
OBD1 262 JDM P07-900 Civic SOHC Vtec-E 1500
OBD1 269 JDM P72-? Integra B18C4 DOHC Vtec
OBD1 270 JDM P75-? Integra B18B Esi DOHC
OBD1 273 USDM P72-? Integra B18C1-3 DOHC Vtec
OBD1 274 USDM P75-? Integra B18B LS DOHC
OBD1 283 JDM P08-N01 D15B SOHC Vtec
OBD1 300 USDM P05-? Civic CX SOHC D15 (94-95)
OBD2 A 301 USDM P2N-A31 96-98 Civic HX
OBD1 301 USDM/CDN P06-A02 Civic DX D15B7 SOHC
OBD1 303 USDM P07-? Civic VX D15Z1 SOHC Vtec
OBD1 304 USDM P28-A01 92-95 Civic EX D16Z SOHC Vtec
OBD1 305 USDM P30-A02 Civic/Delsol B16A DOHC Vtec
OBD1 306 JDM P08-N01 D15B SOHC vtec
OBD1 309 JDM P91-901 92-95 Civic Coupe (sohc vtec 1.6)
OBD1 312 JDM P30-901 Civic B16A DOHC Vtec Automatic
OBD1 314 Oz DM P06-Q00/Q50 Civic D15B SOHC
OBD1 315 Oz DM P28-Q50 Civic D16Z? SOHC Vtec
OBD1 317 EDM P28-G02 Delsol D16Z6 SOHC Vtec
OBD1 318 JDM/Export P30G-? Civic B16A DOHC Vtec
OBD2 A 320 Oz DM P2P-Q01 96-98 Civic Ex D16Y8
OBD1 321 EDM P29-T01 Civic 92-95
OBD1 327 US/JDM P28-? Civic D16Z SOHC Vtec
OBD2 A 328 Canada P2P-A31 Civic EX 96-98
OBD1 332 USDM P75-? Integra B18B GS DOHC
OBD2 A 338 USDM P72-? Integra B18C1
OBD2 A 339 JDM P72-013 Integra B18C
OBD2 A 340 USDM P75-? Integra B18B ?
OBD2 A 341 Oz DM P75-Q02 Integra GS B18B
OBD2 A 357 Oz DM P72-Q13 Integra B18C
OBD2 A 359 JDM P73-003 Integra Type R DC2 B18C '96
OBD2 A JDM P73-013 Integra Type R DC2 B18C '98
OBD2 A 361 JDM P2T-J91 99-00 Civic Si B16A3
OBD2 A 365 EDM P2T-G01 96-99 Euro Civic VTI EK4
OBD2 A 388 Oz DM P2M-Q61 98 Civic D16Y
OBD2? 475 USDM? P75-? Integra LS ???
OBD2 A 484 Oz DM P2M-Q01 98 Civic D16Y
OBD2 A 493 USDM P2P-A33 96-98 Civic Ex D16Y8
OBD2 B 497 USDM P73-? USDM Integra Type R DC2???
OBD2 A 498 EDM P3F-G01 CR-V 97-98 B20B4
*may require soldering back the J12 jumper
OBD2 K 505 Oz DM PRB-Q01 2001+ Integra DC5 (aka RSX USA)
OBD2 K 515 Oz DM PND-Q51 Integra DC5
OBD2 A 526 Oz DM P5M-Q01/Q51 97-01 Prelude H22a
OBD2 A 542 EDM P5N-G02 Prelude BB9 F20A4
OBD2 A 083 EDM P5M-G61 97-01 Prelude H22a
OBD2 A 524 EDM P5M-G11 97-01 Prelude H22a
OBD2 A 527 Oz DM P5L-Q51 97-01 Prelude
OBD2 K 669 USDM PAA-A06 CRV ??? ???
OBD2 K 686 Oz DM PPA-Q53 CRV 2002 K24
OBD2 A 700 Oz DM P3F-Q01 ?
OBD2 A 711 USDM P2N-A31 96-98 Civic HX
OBD2 A 712 USDM P72-? ?
OBD0 713 Oz DM PP4-Q510 88-89 Concerto
OBD2 A 713 JDM P73-023 Integra Type R DC2 B18C '00
OBD2 A 715 EDM P73-G01 Integra Type R DC2 B18C6
OBD0 717 Oz DM PP4-Q020 88-89 Concerto
OBD2 A 719 USDM P2P-A34 98 Civic D16Y8
OBD0 721 EDM Pm7-000 CRX 89
OBD0 ? ? Civic EG 5th Gen D13B2
OBD2 A 796 Oz DM P73-Q01 Integra Type R DC2 B18C7
OBD2 A 836 Oz DM PEA-Q50 Odessey 96 F22B
OBD2 B 858 JDM PCT-J11 97-01 Civic EK9 CTR
OBD2 B 866 Oz DM P2T-Q12 99-00 Civic Si B16A3
OBD2 B 933 USDM P2T-A11 99-00 Civic Si B16A3
OBD2 B EDM P3X-G11 99 6th Gen Civic D14Z1
OBD1 952 Oz DM P75-Q51 95 Integra B18A
OBD1 ? USDM P28-L50 92-95 Civic D16Z6 SOHC Vtec
? ? Oz DM P2K-Q01 96 Civic EK1 GLi SOHC non-VTEC (D16Y4)
OBD1 B4 JDM P51-900 92 Ascot Innova 2,3Si-Z H23A DOHC
OBD1   JDM P30-900 91 EG9 Civic Ferio Sir B16A AT
OBD1   JDM P30-901 92 EG6 Civic Sir B16A AT
OBD1   JDM P30-950 92 EG2 CRX Del-Sol Sir B16A MT
OBD1   USDM P30-A10 94-95 Del-Sol B16A
OBD2 A 308? USDM P2E-L01 96 Civic DX D16Y7
OBD2 A CADM P2E-C31 97 Civic EX MT
OBD2 A   USDM P28-A54 96 Del Sol D16y? VTEC
OBD2 A AUDM ? 99 S2000 AP1 F20C
OBD2 B 425 UKDM P9K-E11 97-00 MB6/ MC2 Civic VTI B18C4
OBD2 A USDM P75-A02 96 Acura Integra
OBD2 A EDM P1G-E00 94-97 Civic MA9 SOHC VTEC-E D15Z3
96 model requires the 5 to 3 pin adapter as it uses the 5 pin DLC connector
OBD2 A EDM P2Y-G01 95 Civic D15Z6
OBD2 A EDM P2T-G11 00 Civic EM1 B16A2
OBD2 A EDM P2T-G12 Civic 6th Gen VTi B16A2
OBD2 A EDM P2E-G01 Civic 6th Gen D16Y7
OBD2 A EDM P5P-G01 98 Prelude 2.2 VTi-S with ATTS
OBD2 A EDM P3Y-G01 97 Civic EJ9 D14A4
OBD2 A EDM ? 98 Accord CG2 J30A1
OBD2 A EDM ? 98-02 Accord CG8/CH6 F18B2
OBD2 A OzDM ? 00 Accord CK F23Z2
OBD2 A EDM PAD-G00 99 Accord Coupe iES VTEC
OBD2 A JDM P2J-003 96-98 Civic D15B VTEC
OBD2 A EDM ? 99 HRV GH D16W1
OBD2 A EDM P7A-G01 99 Logo D13B
OBD1 EDM ? 92 CRX Del Sol EG2 B16A2
OBD2 A CDM ? 98 Accord EX-R F23A1
OBD2 A EDM P1H-E00 Civic D16Y2
OBD2 A JDM ? 01 Accord 6th gen F23A
OBD2 ? ? ? 03 City SX8
96-01 CR-V GF-RD1 B20B
OBD1 EDM P11-G00 93 Prelude F20A4
OBD2 A EDM P3X-? 98 Civic D14A3
OBD2 A ? P3F-Y51 98 CR-V AT RVI
OBD2 A ? P2C-Y01 99 Civic EK3 D15Z4
OBD1 USDM P0A-A01 94 Accord EX MT
OBD2 B EDM ? 99 Civic D14Z2 facelift
OBD2 A EDM P1J-E13 98 99 Civic Aerodeck MB2/MB8 D14A7 D14A8
*00 model not compatible
OBD2 B EDM P1J-E15 99 Civic Aerodeck MB2 D14Z4
OBD0 USDM PT6-A52 92-93 Accord EX
(confusing OBD1 style plugs on OBD0 ECU)
OBD2 A EDM ? 97 Accord CE9 F22Z2
OBD2 B PKDM P2M-N12 00 Civic EJ6 D16Y8
OBD2 A JDM 02 Accord S86 F20B
OBD2 A EDM P9L-E12(13) Civic MB3/MB9 D15Z8
OBD2 B EDM PHX-G12 00 Civic EJ9 D14Z2
OBD2 A EDM P1J-E11 96-97 Civic MA8 D14A2
OBD2 B EDM P1K-E15 98 Civic Aerodeck D16W3
OBD2 B EDM PDT-E12 00 Civic MB2 Aerodeck D14Z3
OBD2 B EDM PDT Civic MC1 Aerodeck D16W4
OBD2 B EDM ? 99 Accord VI CG7 D16B6
OBD2 A EDM ? 96 Accord CE8 F20Z1
OBD2 B ? PEJ-901 99-00 Capa / GA4 D15B
OBD2 A EDM 99 Accord CG4 F20B5
OBD1 USDM P0B-A01 94 Accord LX MT F22B1 F22B2
OBD1 USDM P12-Y03 95 Prelude
(no 3-pin available, direct wiring does not work either)
OBD2 B ? ? 99 Civic MB4 1.6
OBD2 A ? ? 97 Civic D16Y3

If you don't see your ECU in the table, it means we have not tested it yet, please ignore the table and follow the compatibility guidelines.