Tuesday, December 23, 2014

OBD compatibility table


Only the ECUs that have the 3 or 5 pin DLC connector are compatible. For full guide on how to check compatibility click here.
The pin-out on the backside of the ECU can be also used to identify the OBD version.

Color Legend

OBD0 - not compatible, no DLC connector available
OBD1 - compatible
OBD2A | 2B - compatible on condition that the 3 pin or 5 pin DLC connector is available, most USDM models have 16 pin which is not compatible
OBD1 | 2A | 2B - tested & working with Hondash
OBD2A | 2B | 2K - 16 pin DLC connector on board - currently not compatible

OBD2 A ?? USDM (Auto) P0J-L61 1997 Accord
OBD1 ?? JDM (Auto) P0A-902 1994-1995 Accord F22B
OBD1 A6 JDM P13-J00/J50 93-95 Prelude H22A
OBD2 B ?? EDM PDE-E01 Accord Type - R H22A7
OBD1 A8 Oz DM P14-Q00 93-95 Prelude Si H23A
OBD1 A9 USDM P12-A00 Prelude S F22A
OBD2 K A61 Oz DM PLR-Q71 Civic
OBD1 B9 JDM P39-N50 92-96 Prelude F22B DOHC
OBD1 C0 Oz DM P14-Q00 93-95 Prelude Si H23A
OBD1 C2 USDM P13-A10/A11 92-95 H22A Prelude
OBD1 C8 USDM P14-A11 92-95 H23A Prelude
OBD1 D2 JDM PT6-J50 Accord
OBD1 D5 Oz DM P0A-Q00/Q50 94-95 Accord Ex
OBD1 D8 Oz DM P0C-Q00 Accord Exi F22B
OBD1 E4 Oz DM P14-Q52 93-95 Prelude Si H23A
OBD1 E6 JDM P13-N01 93-95 Prelude H22A
OBD1 F6 Oz DM P39-N01 92-95 Accord SOHC VTEC
OBD1 L3 Oz DM P0C-Q10 Accord Exi F22B
OBD1 S40 JDM P0F-902 Accord 95 CB5 H22a
OBD0 10 JDM PK2-0133 Prelude 90-91
OBD0 12 Oz DM PK2-6214 Prelude 88-89
OBD0 19 USDM PK2-6640 Prelude 88-89 Canadian
OBD0 21 JDM PH3-0732 Accord 88-89 B20A
OBD0 27 Oz DM PK2-6220 Prelude 90-91
OBD0 33 Oz DM PR4-Q51 88-89 Integra LS/GS B18a
OBD0 45 JDM PM7-E04 CRX 88-89
OBD0 50 JDM/EDM PM7-9040/0330 CRX Si 89-
OBD0 51 JDM PK2-? Prelude 90-91
OBD0 52 USDM PJ0-L022 88-89 Accord LX-i Cali Emissions
OBD0 53 USDM PK2-6660 Prelude 90-91
OBD0 54 Oz DM PR4-Q02 90-91 Integra LS/GS B18a
OBD0 ?? USDM PR4-A02 90 Integra LS B18a
OBD0 58 JDM PR3-901 89-91 B16A EF8/9
OBD0 59 JDM PR5-003 90-91 Integra ZXi (1.6 sohc)
OBD0 65 USDM/CDM PM6-A09/C00 CRX 90-91
OBD0 71 JDM PW0-000 CRX SiR 89-91
OBD0 76 EDM PW0-X00 CRX SiR 89-91
OBD0 76 EDM PW0-E00 CIVIC 89-91
OBD0 79 EDM Pm7-000 CRX 90-91
OBD1 83 Oz DM PT3-Q50 Accord
OBD0 92 Oz DM PR4-Q60 90-91 Integra LS/GS B18a
OBD0 93 JDM PR3-J00/900 89-91 B16A DA6
OBD1 97 Oz DM PT6-Q50 Accord
OBD2 B 111 USDM P73-A04 Integra Type R DC2 B18C5
OBD0 120 JDM PM7-Q020 CRX 88-89
OBD0 121 EDM PM7-E020 CRX 88-89
OBD1 202 JDM P29-900/000 Civic D16A ZC DOHC
OBD1 203 JDM P30-? Civic B16A DOHC Vtec
OBD1 204 JDM P54-900 Domani B18B DOHC
OBD1 205 JDM PR3-J01 92-93 Integra XSi B16A
OBD1 206 JDM P08-020 D15B SOHC Vtec
OBD1 208 EDM P28-G00/G50 Civic D16Z6 SOHC VTec
OBD1 209 EDM P30-G00 Civic B16A2 DOHC Vtec
OBD1 211 USDM P07-? Civic VX D15Z1 Sohc Vtec-E
OBD1 214 USDM P74-? Integra B18
OBD1 215 USDM P61-? Integra B17A DOHC Vtec
OBD0 216 USDM PM5-?/PM9-? D15B DPFI
OBD1 218 JDM P07-G01 Civic SOHC Vtec-E 1500
OBD1 219 JDM PR3-J51 92-93 Integra XSi B16A
OBD1 223 JDM P27-T50 SOHC
OBD1 224 JDM P07-T50 SOHC Vtec-E
OBD1 224 EDM? P29-? DOHC D16A9
OBD1 225 JDM P07-? SOHC Vtec-E
OBD1 229 USDM P06-? Civic DX D15B SOHC
OBD0 230 USDM PM5-? Civic DX
OBD1 230 USDM P28-A00 D16Z6 SOHC
OBD1 231 USDM P05-? Civic CX D15B8 SOHC
OBD1 232 USDM P75-? Integra B18B GS DOHC
OBD1 233 USDM PR4-A61 92-93 USDM integra B18
OBD1 ??? USDM PR4-A11 Integra B18A GS DOHC
OBD1 235 Oz DM PR4-Q61 Integra B18A GS DOHC
OBD1 236 Brazil P30-G00 EG6 B16A2 DOHC Vtec
OBD1 237 JDM P08-001 D15B SOHC Vtec
OBD1 238 EDM P04-G00 D15B2 SOHC
OBD1 240 JDM P30-J00 Civic B16A DOHC Vtec
OBD1 243 JDM P08-010/911 D15B SOHC Vtec
OBD1 244 Oz DM P29-Q01 Civic D16A ZC DOHC
OBD1 245 JDM P30-010 Civic B16A DOHC Vtec
OBD1 246 JDM P30-901 ECU B16 DOHC Vtec
OBD1 248 USDM P09-A00 Civic DX D15B7 SOHC
OBD1 248 USDM P09-L00 Civic CX D15B8 SOHC
OBD1 248 USDM P05-L01 Civic CX D15B7 SOHC
OBD1 249 USDM P05-? Civic D16B7 SOHC
OBD1 251 USDM P28-A51/L51 92-95 Civic EX D16Z6 SOHC Vtec
OBD1 252 JDM P07-G01 Civic SOHC Vtec-E 1500
OBD1 253 JDM P91-900 Civic EJ1 Coupe D16Z SOHC Vtec
OBD1 254 EDM P28-G01/G51 Civic SOHC D16Z6 Vtec
OBD1 259 JDM P70-900 ZC Vtec
OBD1 262 JDM P07-900 Civic SOHC Vtec-E 1500
OBD1 269 JDM P72-? Integra B18C4 DOHC Vtec
OBD1 270 JDM P75-? Integra B18B Esi DOHC
OBD1 273 USDM P72-? Integra B18C1-3 DOHC Vtec
OBD1 274 USDM P75-? Integra B18B LS DOHC
OBD1 283 JDM P08-N01 D15B SOHC Vtec
OBD1 300 USDM P05-? Civic CX SOHC D15 (94-95)
OBD2 A 301 USDM P2N-A31 96-98 Civic HX
OBD1 301 USDM/CDN P06-A02 Civic DX D15B7 SOHC
OBD1 303 USDM P07-? Civic VX D15Z1 SOHC Vtec
OBD1 304 USDM P28-A01 92-95 Civic EX D16Z SOHC Vtec
OBD1 305 USDM P30-A02 Civic/Delsol B16A DOHC Vtec
OBD1 306 JDM P08-N01 D15B SOHC vtec
OBD1 309 JDM P91-901 92-95 Civic Coupe (sohc vtec 1.6)
OBD1 312 JDM P30-901 Civic B16A DOHC Vtec Automatic
OBD1 314 Oz DM P06-Q00/Q50 Civic D15B SOHC
OBD1 315 Oz DM P28-Q50 Civic D16Z? SOHC Vtec
OBD1 317 EDM P28-G02 Delsol D16Z6 SOHC Vtec
OBD1 318 JDM/Export P30G-? Civic B16A DOHC Vtec
OBD2 A 320 Oz DM P2P-Q01 96-98 Civic Ex D16Y8
OBD1 321 EDM P29-T01 Civic 92-95
OBD1 327 US/JDM P28-? Civic D16Z SOHC Vtec
OBD2 A 328 Canada P2P-A31 Civic EX 96-98
OBD1 332 USDM P75-? Integra B18B GS DOHC
OBD2 A 338 USDM P72-? Integra B18C1
OBD2 A 339 JDM P72-013 Integra B18C
OBD2 A 340 USDM P75-? Integra B18B ?
OBD2 A 341 Oz DM P75-Q02 Integra GS B18B
OBD2 A 357 Oz DM P72-Q13 Integra B18C
OBD2 A 359 JDM P73-003 Integra Type R DC2 B18C '96
OBD2 A JDM P73-013 Integra Type R DC2 B18C '98
OBD2 A 361 JDM P2T-J91 99-00 Civic Si B16A3
OBD2 A 365 EDM P2T-G01 96-99 Euro Civic VTI EK4
OBD2 A 388 Oz DM P2M-Q61 98 Civic D16Y
OBD2? 475 USDM? P75-? Integra LS ???
OBD2 A 484 Oz DM P2M-Q01 98 Civic D16Y
OBD2 A 493 USDM P2P-A33 96-98 Civic Ex D16Y8
OBD2 B 497 USDM P73-? USDM Integra Type R DC2???
OBD2 A 498 EDM P3F-G01 CR-V 97-98 B20B4
*may require soldering back the J12 jumper
OBD2 K 505 Oz DM PRB-Q01 2001+ Integra DC5 (aka RSX USA)
OBD2 K 515 Oz DM PND-Q51 Integra DC5
OBD2 A 526 Oz DM P5M-Q01/Q51 97-01 Prelude H22a
OBD2 A 542 EDM P5N-G02 Prelude 2.0 F20A4
OBD2 A 083 EDM P5M-G61 97-01 Prelude H22a
OBD2 A 524 EDM P5M-G11 97-01 Prelude H22a
OBD2 A 527 Oz DM P5L-Q51 97-01 Prelude
OBD2 K 669 USDM PAA-A06 CRV ??? ???
OBD2 K 686 Oz DM PPA-Q53 CRV 2002 K24
OBD2 A 700 Oz DM P3F-Q01 ?
OBD2 A 711 USDM P2N-A31 96-98 Civic HX
OBD2 A 712 USDM P72-? ?
OBD0 713 Oz DM PP4-Q510 88-89 Concerto
OBD2 A 713 JDM P73-023 Integra Type R DC2 B18C '00
OBD2 A 715 EDM P73-G01 Integra Type R DC2 B18C6
OBD0 717 Oz DM PP4-Q020 88-89 Concerto
OBD2 A 719 USDM P2P-A34 98 Civic D16Y8
OBD0 721 EDM Pm7-000 CRX 89
OBD2 A 796 Oz DM P73-Q01 Integra Type R DC2 B18C7
OBD2 A 836 Oz DM PEA-Q50 Odessey 96 F22B
OBD2 B 858 JDM PCT-J11 97-01 Civic EK9 CTR
OBD2 B 866 Oz DM P2T-Q12 99-00 Civic Si B16A3
OBD2 B 933 USDM P2T-A11 99-00 Civic Si B16A3
OBD2 B EDM P3X-G11 99 6th Gen Civic D14Z1
OBD1 952 Oz DM P75-Q51 95 Integra B18A
OBD1 ? USDM P28-L50 92-95 Civic D16Z6 SOHC Vtec
? ? Oz DM P2K-Q01 96 Civic EK1 GLi SOHC non-VTEC (D16Y4)
OBD1 B4 JDM P51-900 92 Ascot Innova 2,3Si-Z H23A DOHC
OBD1   JDM P30-900 91 EG9 Civic Ferio Sir B16A AT
OBD1   JDM P30-901 92 EG6 Civic Sir B16A AT
OBD1   JDM P30-950 92 EG2 CRX Del-Sol Sir B16A MT
OBD1   USDM P30-A10 94-95 Del-Sol B16A
OBD2 A 308? USDM P2E-L01 96 Civic DX D16Y7
OBD2 A   USDM P28-A54 96 Del Sol D16y? VTEC
OBD2 A   AUDM ? 99 S2000
OBD2 B 425 UKDM P9K-E11 97-00 MB6/ MC2 Civic VTI B18C4
*requires 5 to 3 pin adapter
OBD2 A USDM P75-A02 96 Acura Integra
OBD2 A EDM P2Y-G01 95 Civic D15Z6
OBD2 A EDM P2T-G11 00 Civic EM1 B16A2
OBD2 A EDM P2T-G12 Civic 6th Gen VTi B16A2
OBD2 A EDM P2E-G01 Civic 6th Gen D16Y7
OBD2 A EDM P5P-G01 98 Prelude 2.2 VTi-S with ATTS
OBD2 A EDM P3Y-G01 97 Civic EJ9 
OBD2 A EDM ? 98 Accord CG2 J30A1
OBD2 A EDM ? 00 Accord CG8 F18B2
OBD2 A OzDM ? 00 Accord CK F23Z2
OBD2 A EDM PAD-G00 99 Accord Coupe iES VTEC
OBD2 A JDM P2J-003 96-98 Civic D15B VTEC
OBD2 A EDM ? 99 HRV GH D16W1
OBD2 A EDM P7A-G01 99 Logo D13B
OBD1 EDM ? 92 CRX Del Sol EG2 B16A2
OBD2 A CDM ? 98 Accord EX-R F23A1
OBD2 A EDM P1H-E00 Civic D16Y2
OBD2 A JDM ? 01 Accord 6th gen F23A
OBD2 ? ? ? 03 City SX8
96-01 CR-V GF-RD1 B20B
OBD1 EDM P11-G00 93 Prelude F20A4
OBD2 A EDM P3X-? 98 Civic D14A3
OBD2 A ? P3F-Y51 98 CR-V AT RVI
OBD2 A ? P2C-Y01 99 Civic EK3 D15Z4
Credits: PGMFI.org

Aftermarket / modified / chipped ECUs
OBD ID Market ECU Car/Engine
OBD2 A JDM Spoon P73-0030-Z1
OBD2 A JDM Feel's P73
OBD2 A JDM J's Racing P73
OBD1 USDM Ecu: modified P75  Rom: P72 GSR base map modified in CROME
OBD1 EDM Ecu: chipped P28-G00  Rom: Map modified in CROME, with launch control
OBD1 EDM Ecu: chipped P28-G00  Rom: Map modified in CROME, supercharged motor
OBD1 JDM Ecu: chipped P30-910  Rom: Unknown