app guides

app features

  • real-time digital dash
  • fuel statistics - instantaneous and average fuel consumption, total consumed fuel and cost, fuel flow
  • configurable multiple trip monitors for keeping record of various statistics such as fuel consumption, trip time, distance, VTEC engaged distance, top and average speed, etc.
  • real-time parameter values:
    • vehicle speed, engine speed - revs, engine coolant temperature, intake air temperature, manifold absolute pressure, baro pressure, throttle position, battery voltage, oxygen sensor voltage, alternator FR, electrical load detector, exhaust gas recirculation EGR, short / long term fuel trim, injection duration, ignition advance, idle air control valve, knock, fuel system status, calculated load value,
    • starter switch, A/C switch, A/C clutch relay, P/S oil pressure switch, brake switch, VTEC pressure switch, VTEC valve, VTEC indication lamp, A/T gear position, service check, fuel pump relay, oxygen sensor heater, oxygen sensor feedback loop status, EVAP purge control, malfunction indicator lamp, alternator control, radiator fan control, intake air bypass valve
  • configurable parameter alarm triggers (engine temperature too high etc.)
  • configurable on-screen graphs
  • datalogging tool - continuous recording of all parameters for detailed analysis
  • engine diagnostics tool - read and clear DTC fault codes
  • calibration tools - fuel consumption, vehicle speed, gearbox ratios
  • car dynamics measurement tools - acceleration (0-100 kph, etc., 1/4 mile drag run), deceleration (100-0 kph, etc.)
  • shift-light with audio-visual indication and individual gear shift point configuration
  • Head Up Display (HUD) mode
  • daytime and nighttime color scheme
  • support for metric and imperial units

Hondash is simply the most capable virtual dash and OBD reader for all Honda cars produced in 1992-2001. There are still many features planned for the app, so if you like Hondash, please consider supporting the development with your purchase. Thank you.