Thursday, March 29, 2018

Multiple trip monitor setup

  • multiple trip monitor setup makes it convenient to monitor separate trips (stats like fuel consumption, fuel cost, etc.)
  • the app uses two predefined trip monitors named "Total" (persists statistics until manual reset by user) and "This ride" (automatically resets statistics on each engine start to track current ride only), however you can define additional trip monitors, such as trip monitor "A" ,"B", "C", etc. (will persist statistics until manual reset by user)

  • navigate to Settings → Dash → Trip monitors and add new trip monitor name(s)

  • hondash app multiple trip monitors

  • bind trip monitor(s) to a profile, in case multiple car profiles are used, this will ensure that only the bound trip monitor(s) is active when a corresponding profile is active

  • in the main layout, simply manage the trip monitors using touch gestures as demonstrated in the video below