Thursday, March 29, 2018

Multiple trip monitor setup

  • multiple trip monitor setup is a convenient method to monitor individual trips (stats such as distance, fuel consumption and cost, etc.) for single or multiple car profiles used on a single Android device

  • the app uses two predefined unbound trip monitors:
    • "Total" - persists statistics until manual reset by user
    • "This ride" - automatically resets statistics on each engine start to track current ride only

  • you can define additional trip monitors, such as trip monitor "A" ,"B", "C", etc. (each will persist statistics until manual reset by user)
  • to define new monitor(s), navigate to Settings → Dash → Trip monitors → Trip monitor management and add new trip monitor name(s)

  • moreover, you can bind trip monitor(s) to a profile, in case multiple car profiles are used, this will ensure that only the bound trip monitor(s) is active when a corresponding profile is active

  • in the dash main layout, simply manage the trip monitors using touch gestures as demonstrated in the video below (use swipe and long touch for contextual actions such as selecting a trip monitor, bringing up a action menu for enabling/disabling, resetting a trip monitor)
  • if you've bound the trip monitor(s) to a profile, make sure your active profile matches the bound profile, otherwise the monitor(s) will not be available in the dash
  • for more details run the "User Interface (UI) gesture tutorial", available in the "Help" section in the navigation drawer