Friday, March 30, 2018

DLC Interface power management

Available options for powering the Interface are:

1. (Default) permanent power

  • the interface stays permanently powered at all times when connected to the DLC port, even if the ignition is switched off, making the interface drain an average current 4.4 mA. This is not an issue if you drive daily. However if you leave the vehicle sit for a longer period or your battery lifespan is ending, the interface might contribute to quicker battery drain
    hondash interface dlc power permanent

2. Custom ignition switched power

  • with a little bit of electrician skill you can rewire your DLC connector to a ignition switched power source which will power the interface only when the key is either in ACC or IGN position, in this example using a "mini fuse tap" at fuse Nr.27 in under-dash fuse box (cigarette socket power)
    hondash interface dlc power ignition switched 1
  • if you're not willing to cut the wire, you can also simply disassemble the DLC connector and remove the middle female pin and isolate it, then proceed as described in 3rd option below.

3. External power - OBD1 vehicles with missing power wire in DLC connector

  • some OBD1 cars ('92-'95) don't have the power wire in the DLC connector, in this case you have to wire the interface as described here

  • 1st step: prepare the wire on the interface side
    hondash interface obd1 power wiring guide

    * If you're using older V1/V2 Interface versions you can use the already pre-soldered wire, which is tucked in the case

  • 2nd step: connect the wire to the ignition switched +12V power source, for example using a "mini fuse tap" to tap the power at fuse Nr. 27 in under-dash fuse box (cigarette socket power)
    hondash interface dlc power ignition switched 2