Please follow the troubleshooting guide to determine the cause of issues:

  1. App is not able to connect to scanner
    • check if the DLC diagnostic connector is properly seated, unplug and plug back the connector to the scanner in order to power-cycle and reset it
    • check if the scanner is discoverable via Android system Bluetooth device search (pairing guide), try at least two different Android devices, phones or tablets, excluding car head-units, to make sure that the connectivity issue is not caused by the Android device itself, also make sure no other device is already connected to the scanner while attempting connection
    • check voltage levels on pins of the DLC diagnostic connector to determine its working status, the voltage levels should be following:
      • 5V pin (communication wire 4.90 - 5.05 Volts with ignition switched on)
      • 12V pin (power source wire 11.5 - 14.5 Volts), if the voltage is 0 or floating, check for a blown fuse (e.g.: Under hood fuse / relay box, nr.43, 7.5 A, ceiling light / cargo area light / DLC connector / Power antenna) or another electrical issue

      hondash dlc connector 3 pin voltage levels
      3 pin connector voltages
      hondash dlc connector 5 pin voltage levels
      5 pin connector voltages
      • some OBD1 models ('92-'95) don't have any power source in the DLC diagnostic connector (3 pin style diagnostic connector with only two wires connected to it, the middle pin and wire are missing), in such case you have to provide power by wiring the scanner to an external power source
        hondash dlc connector 3 pin without power wire
        3 pin style diagnostic connector without the 12 Volts power wire

  2. App is connected to scanner but won't connect to ECU
    1. make sure the key is in the ignition and the instrument lights are on, or the engine is running
    2. follow compatibility guidelines:
      • if the ECU was originally equipped with an immobilizer and it was modified or physically removed, etc., you may not be able to use Hondash (does not apply to ECUs that don't have an immobilizer from the factory).
        The only confirmed way to bypass the immobilizer whilst not breaking the diagnostic port functionality is by using Doctronic's Mobilizer A0 module.
      • If you're using an aftermarket / remapped / chipped ECU etc., refer to the general compatibility guidelines, otherwise if you swapped ECU and/or wiring harness etc., follow the wiring guide and make sure your setup is compatible
    3. check if the voltage (5V) on the communication pin is in required voltage range
    4. try running the app on another Android device, smartphone or tablet, excluding head units, sometimes the issues are caused by the Android device itself (headunits)
    5. test the scanner on another vehicle (with factory stock unmodified ECU) to confirm functionality