Please follow the troubleshooting guide to determine the cause of issues:

  1. Status LED on scanner is not blinking
    • make sure the DLC diagnostic connector is properly seated, unplug and plug back the connector to the scanner
    • some OBD1 models ('92-'95) don't have any power source in DLC diagnostic connector (3 pin style diagnostic connector with only two wires connected to it, middle pin and wire are missing). In this case you have to wire the scanner to an external power source
      hondash dlc connector 3 pin without power wire
      3 pin style diagnostic connector without power wire
    • check voltage levels on pins of DLC diagnostic connector to determine its working status, the voltage levels should be following:
      • 5V pin (communication wire 4.85 - 5.10 Volts with ignition switched on)
      • 12V pin (power source wire 11.5 - 14.5 Volts)

      hondash dlc connector 3 pin voltage levels
      3 pin connector voltages
      hondash dlc connector 5 pin voltage levels
      5 pin connector voltages
      • if the voltage on power source wire is NOT as mentioned above (it's zero or floating), check for a blown fuse (Under hood fuse / relay box, nr.43, 7.5 A, ceiling light / cargo area light / DLC connector / Power antenna) or check for another electrical issue

  2. Status LED on scanner is blinking (or is steady on) but the app is unable to connect to scanner
    • steady on:
      • indicates an ongoing connection with another Bluetooth device, make sure no other device is connected to it before trying to connect
    • blinking:
      • try to use another Android device to check if the connection issue persists
      • clear application data, or reinstall the application
    • unplug and plug back the DLC diagnostic connector to the scanner in order to power-cycle and reset the scanner
    • share the system log with us for further analysis following the guide on ECU communication logging and sharing

  3. App is connected to scanner but won't connect to ECU