Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hondash OBD Bluetooth scanner pairing and troubleshooting

  • Automatic pairing
    • the pairing procedure is fully automated in the app, follow the app instructions
    • if prompted, grant the app permissions to access device's location (Android 10, 11) or Bluetooth permissions to access nearby devices (Android 12) otherwise the automatic pairing procedure will not work (if no prompt dialog is displayed, grant the permissions for the app manually in Android settings)
  • Manual pairing
    • Hondash scanner pairing PIN is 1234
    • use the Android Bluetooth manager to pair the Hondash scanner, search for a new device with name "OBD" (V2, V3, V3.5, V4) or "HONDASH" (V1). After successful pairing, open the app, do not attempt to manually connect to the scanner, the app will initiate the connection automatically.
      hondash app android pairing

Android Head units (2DIN stereo car radio)

Please keep in mind, when using Android Head units (2DIN stereo car radio) you may have to pair the Hondash scanner manually using the Manual pairing procedure described above.
Depending on the model you also may have to enable the "Head Unit Bluetooth" switch in the Hondash app settings. However we do NOT guarantee that it will work.
Some head unit models and manufacturers, usually the Chinese ones, have strict policies and allow only very specific devices to pair with their head units, or their Bluetooth communication implementation does not comply with the established Android SDK standards. In worst case scenario you'll have to use a regular smartphone or switch to another Head unit brand.
Because our primary development platform is the smartphone we do not provide any further assistance (radio brands inquiry, etc.), thank you for your understanding.