Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hondash Bluetooth Interface pairing

  • the automatic pairing procedure in the app doesn't work with some devices, please use the built-in Android bluetooth manager if you're having issues discovering the Hondash device.   

  • Before you initiate pairing make sure the Hondash interface's status LED is blinking. If that is not the case, check for blown fuse (Under hood fuse/relay box, nr.43, 7.5A, ceiling light/cargo area light/DLC connector/Power antenna). If your connector is missing the power wire, then you have to feed +12V from another power source in the car as described in power management options

  • Device pairing PIN is 1234 (If requested to enter)

  • Follow the instructions as shown.

  • On devices running Android KitKat (4.4.4) and newer versions, the pairing is fully automated and no PIN input should be required.

    If you have to repeat the procedure
    more than 3-5 times, try to
    pair it manually using the Android built-in Bluetooth manager. In that case look for a new device with name "HONDASH" or "OBD", pairing pin is 1234.
    If you still can't discover the interface, try to use another Android device. You can even use any bluetooth equipped non-android device to test if you can discover the interface with it. Some devices have issues communicating with each other for unknown reasons.

  • After successful pairing the app will request a Hondash UID (Unique Identification Number).