Sunday, March 26, 2017



  • Datalog is recorded continuously and stored as a temporary file in device's internal storage (size is capped at ~20MB)
  • Datalog holds only the most recent data, older data are overwritten

Datalogging activity layout

hondash app datalogging overview
  • Sensor list - list of all available sensors for current datalog
  • Datalog refresh - refreshes datalog display buffer with the most recent data
  • Live mode - shows sensor values in real time as they're being recorded
  • Playback control bar - allows you to seek through current datalog and play it in real time
  • Sample timestamp - date and time of current data sample, the value on the right shows current timeline scale


hondash app datalogging swipe gestures 1
  • swiping horizontaly moves current datalog position forward or backward on the timeline, swiping vertically scrolls datalog vertically

hondash app datalogging swipe gestures 2
  • pinching horizontally changes timeline scale, pinching vertically changes vertical size scale


hondash app datalogging file save
  • A custom datalog range can be permanently stored to a file by defining a "In-Out" selection, then clicking "Save In-Out" and  subsequently defining a file name
  • Stored datalogs can be browsed and loaded in the storage dialog

hondash app datalogging storage
  • Files in the storage can be deleted by long pressing the datalog name and finishing the action by clicking "Delete"