All Honda models (1992 - 2001 OBD1/2A/2B) that use the proprietary 3 pin or 5 pin DLC diagnostic connector are fully compatible and supported.

Please follow this simple guide on how to check if Hondash will work with your car's ECU.

We encourage our customers to follow the compatibility guidelines prior to the item purchase, because of possible diagnostic connector differences between markets and model years. In case of US market, the compatible 3 pin diagnostic connector was utilized only on OBD1 models ('92-'95), whereas the rest of the world (Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia, etc...) saw mixed usage of 3 pin / 5 pin on OBD1/2A/2B models ('91-'03).

Car models that use the 16 pin diagnostic connector (standard OBD2 socket '96-) version are not supported at this moment.

Yes, it does work, however the hardware and ROM setup must comply with the compatibility guidelines.

Please find the inquired information in the article detailing our e-shop's terms and conditions.

Hondash is still in active development and the feature set is not finalized yet. Nonethles, these are the currently available functions and features.

Please follow the guide on Hondash OBD Bluetooth scanner pairing.

DLC diagnostic connector can be found in various locations under the dashboard.

Some OBD1 models ('92-'95) don't have any power source in DLC diagnostic connector (3 pin style connector with only two wires connected to it, middle pin and wire are missing). In this case you have to wire the scanner to a custom power source.

No, you can leave it connected. However if you're not going to drive for a longer period it's highly recommended to disconnect the scanner to prevent possible car battery drain, if you power the scanner directly from the DLC connector, which is hot at all times.
For permanent installation it's recommended to use an ignition switched power source to power up the scanner.

Oil TemperatureNo, Honda engine does not have an oil temperature sensor
Oil PressureNo, Honda engine does not have an oil pressure sensor, only a pressure switch
AFR - Air to Fuel RatioYes, however the applied conversion of oxygen sensor voltage is based on a generic formula and not oxygen sensor manufacturer's specific data, therefore it's not guaranteed to be accurate and is intended for informational purposes only
Fuel levelNo, the fuel level sending unit is not connected to the ECU

No, Hondash can read diagnostic trouble codes from the engine control unit only.

We recommend using the self-diagnostics procedure to obtain the codes from ABS/SRS control units, as described in the service manual.
The possibility of communication with the ABS/SRS control units via a Hondash scanner will be investigated some time in the future.

Parameters that do not change, or read constant values, or zero values, are simply not supported by your ECU (e.g. some OBD1 ('92-'95) vehicles don't support Fuel System Status FSS, Calculated Load Value CLV, Knock Sensor KS,...).

This parameter reads 0 value on the majority of Honda vehicles from this era. The only explanation we can give you is simply that this is the way the engineers implemented the algorithm for calculating this parameter and it just returns 0 all the time, if the engine operates nominally.

Please follow the guide on Fuel consumption calibration.

Please follow the guide on Gearbox calibration, section discussing gear detection range.

Currently no, but the app will receive an update to support it in later development stage. However this will not be a replacement for Hondash scanner as the ELM327 supports only newer vehicles.

The hardware-software solution for cars equipped with a 16 pin connector (standard ISO OBD2 socket) is in pre-development stage, a new scanner version is estimated to be available in Q2-2022.

Android 4.4.4, quad core processor, Bluetooth 2.1, GPU graphics OpenGL ES 2.0

The app requires one-time internet access when you use a Hondash scanner for the first time, or update the app, or clear the app data. Once the online check is complete you can continue using the app without an internet connection.

Yes you can, however we don't guarantee that it will 100% work. Very small percentage of models and manufacturers, usually the Chinese ones, have strict policies and allow only very specific devices to pair with their head units, or their Bluetooth communication implementation does not comply with the established Android SDK standards. Because our primary development platform is the smartphone we don't offer any assistance regarding head units (brands inquiry, etc.).

No, however the support is being considered. No further details available at this moment.
Since Hondash works with Android versions as old as 4.4.4 (2013) we suggest buying a cheap used device (~€30) to work around this issue and use it as a dedicated device for Hondash.

Yes, the app is free to use without any restrictions for the first activated user account. Each scanner is provided with one free user licence (available indefinetaly until claimed) which the app will obtain online and prompt you to activate your user account with it.
Please note that any additional user account activation will require purchasing a new user licence, that is, if you purchase a used Hondash scanner, or want to use multiple user accounts, you will be required to purchase a new user licence (€9.99 excl. tax) to unlock the app on each additional user account.
  • Users are authenticated via a Google sign-in, in case the Android device does not have Google services, an alternative sign-in method (email/password) will be provided automatically.
  • A signed-in account is identified by a unique identification number, which does not change even if you update your email address, password or any other information (you can update your information only in your Google account dashboard, not in the Hondash app).
  • You can use multiple Android devices and multiple vehicles. As long as you are signing in with the same account on each Android device, you won't be required to purchase a user licence.