Thursday, May 28, 2020

Gearbox calibration

  • this tool is available in the app toolbox but can be also opened directly by tapping on the [N...5] selected gear indication
  • gearbox calibration is fully autonomous and always running in the background
  • gears are detected by observing ratios between actual engine speed (REVS) and vehicle speed (VSS) [rpm/kph]
  • selected gear will start showing correctly after all gears have been detected and calibrated successfully (Confidence percentage % highlighted in green color)
  • you can speed up the calibration by driving in each gear uninterruptedly for at least 10 seconds then shift up so the app can register a gear change, as demonstrated in the video (Note: you don't need to have the calibration dialog open as the calibration is always running in the background anyway)
  • if your gears are not showing correctly or the indication is stuck on "Calibrating" open the calibration dialog and check for gears with question mark ? highlighted in "red color", drive your car in the highlighted gear to calibrate it for at least 10 seconds, in case you don't see any highlighted gear, just drive in all gears for at least 10 seconds, starting from the 1st gear (Note: lower gears have higher ratio e.g.: Gear 1 (~150)... Gear 5 (~30))
  • a falsely detected gear can be manually removed by long-touching the row with the gear and confirming removal in the confirmation dialog window
  • set a wider detection range if the number of detected gears is higher than actual count (A/T 4-speed gearbox) , or the calibration algorithm detects false gears frequently (highlighted in red color), set it narrower otherwise (M/T 5-6 speed close gear ratio gearbox), after adjusting the detection range it's recommended to reset and restart the calibration