DLC Interface

DLC (Data Link Connector) Interface is a device that establishes communication between car's ECU and other devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) and transmits the data stream to the application.
Hondash interface communicates via Bluetooth, which means it can communicate virtually with any device on the market today.

Hondash interface comes with built-in switch for switching the power supply from +12V DLC port to external power wire, which is tucked in the case. If external power source is desired you just have to pull the wire out of the case and wire it to any available power source, such as ignition switched +12V source.

Ignition switched power source is recommended because it's hot only with the key in ignition. The DLC provided power source (if available) is permanently hot which means the interface stays powered as long as it's plugged into the DLC port and switched on. 

If you're not going to drive for a longer period it's recommended to switch the interface off with the built-in switch to prevent car battery drain. The interface drains approx. 3-10 mA current in idle state.

The interface is a direct plug-in solution for cars with OBD1 and OBD2A ECUs that have the 3 pin DLC connector, which can be found in these locations.

behind the center console
behind the right kick panel, which covers the ECU
below the glove box, right corner

If you're not sure if your ECU is compatible, check this COMPATIBILITY TABLE  or follow the guide on how to check if Hondash will work with your ECU