Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Guidelines for HTS, eCtune, BMTune

  • Must use an internally installed Bluetooth module (for more details visit to establish communication with the Hondash app because the modified code running on the ECU does not support data transmission via diagnostic connector, therefore you can not use the Hondash scanner to establish communication.
    Honda diagnostic connector (3 pin) uses only one wire for data transmission (RX & TX - half duplex mode - serial communication), however the developers (eCtune, HTS, BMTune) decided to not support it and opted for two wire data transmission method (RX | TX - full duplex mode - parallel communication), requiring a 4 pin connector which does not exist, thus this communication method is achievable only via installing a Bluetooth module internally, bypassing the diagnostic connector entirely

  • Because the ECU does not support half duplex communication method, any attempt to use Hondash scanner results in ECU's buffer overflow causing the ECU to reset itself (Hondash app displays warning “ECU is not responding” and the engine idle keeps stalling periodically). Fixing this problem may be possible by the developers (eCtune, HTS, BMTune) by making the half duplex communication at 9600 BAUD an optional method for data transmission as it was originally implemented by Honda.

  • There won't be any specific Hondash scanner revision to support eCtune (HTS, BMTune), because as stated above, it's not possible to pull any data via the diagnostic connector on such ECUs.