Premium Replacement Service

Purpose of the service

In case the Hondash OBD Bluetooth scanner breaks down during warranty period, the buyer will not be required to send back the malfunctioning unit for repair, as stated in the warranty policy, instead we will send out a replacement unit for no additional cost.

Premium replacement service policy

  • replacement unit will be shipped for free
  • effective during warranty period only
  • applicable only once
  • applicable only to orders in which the item Hondash OBD Bluetooth scanner was purchased with the "Premium Replacement Service"
  • applicable only to cases when the app is unable to communicate with the scanner via Bluetooth and the Android device is not able to discover the scanner via Bluetooth search, must be tested on at least two different Android devices (phones and tablets only, no head units!)
  • buyer must follow the troubleshooting guide and may be required to provide photo evidence showing that the diagnostic connector is in good working order and not the cause of the problems (blown fuses, etc.)
  • malfunctioning unit will be flagged as "not working" and deactivated, in case we detect any future attempt to access the app via the deactivated unit, we may deem it as a service abuse and deactivate the replacement unit as well